Visit Ideas from Ellaine And Friends

This page has great ideas for Therapy Dog visits ~ some are to make the kids feel comfortable around dogs, others are entertaining for all ages.

Check out the ears on the sock puppet, it's Lucy, she has her own look alike sock puppet.

Ellaine and her husband Howard, are members of Dogs With A Purpose and the proud owners of Lucy, their Therapy Dog. Ellaine has been designing and making non sew props to take on her Therapy Dog visits for the kids.  

Pictured is Ellaine at the Ronald McDonald House in Durham, letting a very excited little girl pick out her sock puppet..

A message from Ellaine, "Sock puppets for the non sewer. I originally made these puppets for the "My Stuff Bags Foundation", but they are also great to use or give at Therapy Dog events.  Kids who don't want to talk to people, will sometimes talk to a puppet or let the puppet talk to them. Pictured is a no sew sock puppet of Lucy for our Therapy Dog visits that are afraid of dogs.

I get my socks mostly at Target or the Dollar Store. This is a glue gun project. Yarn for the hair, pompoms for the nose, and google eyes. The heel of the sock becomes the mouth. Pictured are some smaller socks I just found at Target for little hands and knee length socks for some adults I know." 

ellaine puppet 1.jpg
ellaine puppet 3.jpg
ellaine puppet 2.jpg

Ellaine's newest design are Puppy Puppets for little kids with little hands with adoption papers. How cool is this!

Ellaine and Howard take a special blanket that Lucy uses during her reading visits ~ it helps Lucy to know this is her spot.

A message from Ellaine, "Non sewer strikes again. From Hobby Lobby (or any craft store) I bought a bag with an outside pocket to carry my ID badge and Lucy's Dogs With A Purpose collar and tag inside a smaller Lucy's book bag. Used iron-on letters and pictures. For the books Lucy is learning to carry for school and library visits, I used clear packing tape along the binders. I used glue down letter and pictures from the internet for her reading cards. Had them laminated. The hand-out bookmarks were made by Vista Print. They have a real easy template to use and finally."

A message from Ellaine, "Scarfs for Therapy Dog work for non sewers. Lucy's scarfs are 15 inch squares. I used a pinking shear to cut. Double snaps on two corners and a cute button on the end."

jazz RMH 2.jpg
jazz at RMH.jpg

Karen Crow has a pet safe fur coloring crayon for the kids to use at the Ronald McDonald House to use on Jazz ~ she says that when a child is too nervous to pet Jazz, they have no problem coloring him ~ how wonderful is this ~ it takes Karen two washing to get it out of Jazz but says it's worth it to see the kids have fun 

Ellaine is always coming up with new ideas to get engaged in the Therapy Dog visits ~ she now has Adopt A Sock Dog with a certificate of adoption ~ I know I am getting one ~ how clever