Guidelines For Therapy Dog Visits

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Know your dog's behavior and watch for signs of stress (stress signs), if your dog shows signs of stress politely excuse yourself.

Reassure and praise you dog on visits.

     Before visiting a facility know your contact person, know their policies and what entrance they want you to use.

     Allow enough time before your visit to exercise your dog and allow for a potty break.

     Have your ID Card and ID Tag, always carry your dog's current rabies vaccination record with you in case the                  facility ask.

     Always think of your dogs needs. bring a water bowl, clean-up supplies, disinfectant whips, mat or blanket. 

     Don't Work too long or too often.

     Make sure your dog is being touch appropriately.

     Take control of crowding, your dog needs to know that you have it under control.

     Educate people about dogs on how to be safe around them.  To observe the dog's personal space, hugging, 

     face to face,  and kissing.


     Always ask before you approach a person for a visit with your dog.