What Makes A Good Therapy Dog

Katie with Lynn Williams taking

a Third (missed 2nd by one point) out of 14 dogs in Raleigh. 

A happy friendly dog with a gentle spirit ~ loves children and adults ~

all of ages and races ~ a cuddlier 


A happy dog that is willing

to learn and wants to please


A dog that is non aggressive or

reactive to other animals and people 


A dog over the age of one year, and is never too old, any size, breed or gender 


A dog that likes to be touched, handled, hugged, kissed and is not sensitive on ANY part of their body


A dog and owner that can work as

a bonded team ~ with confidence and trust


A dog that is not hypersensitive to sounds, smells, movements,

people with hats, canes, walkers

or anything with which the dog is not familiar 


Katie isn't a good candidate for becoming a Therapy Dog at this time, she is 7yrs old and her enthusiasm is still in overdrive.

She is the most crazy, loving, happiest dog I have ever had, but she has a space problem, she thinks there should't be any.  She can't get close enough and will bowl you over at warp speed. Katie however is a great Competition Obedience and Rally dog, winning her titles in AKC Events.  I didn't try to change Katie or make her do something she wasn't cut out to do. I instead I found what she would enjoy.  Try different things with your dog, find what your dog wants to do and enjoy it with them.

My dog Katie with my niece MeiLin

Not all dogs want or can become a Certified Therapy Dog, make sure you know your dog's temperament. If you are unsure we will be happy to evaluate your dog for you.