What Services Do We Offer

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For Therapy Dog Handler Teams:
We offer continuing education by having workshops and seminars, open to anyone that is
Newsletter with information on facilities, dates on special events and safety health updates.
To receive newsletter 
Dogs With A Purpose's website has dates on workshops, seminars and events along with tips and advice on volunteering.  There
is a Members Only page with additional information on facilities and contacts.
For Facilities:
We have one of the best insurance policies that cover Therapy Dogs when on their visits; handlers and dogs that have gone through two types of tests for temperament, obedience and working as a bonded team.
We offer PowerPoint seminars at your facility explaining the value of Therapy Dog teams visits, what to expect from a visit, and discussions on current research and developments.  Therapy Dogs included with seminars if you would like.
We will happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and protocols for having a Therapy Dog
team visit.
 We volunteer at events with our Therapy Dogs that perform tricks, agility or just come to