What You Need For A Visit

EDITH therapy dog edith dressed.jpg

List Of Items You Need For Your Therapy Dog Visits


     Your Photo ID and Dog's ID tags from Dogs With A Purpose

     Carry a copy of your Therapy Dog's rabies vaccation record, don't relay on your rabies tags

     A copy of your insurance (most facilities will already have it on file) this is just in case

     Antiseptic wipes for your dog and yourself

     Collapsable dog water bowl (good to have, but not necessary)

List Of Items You May Want To Take For Your Therapy Dog Visits


     If you are volunteering for reading groups it's nice to have a blanket for your dog to lay on

     Bring props if your dog uses them to perform tricks

     Some Therapy Dog teams make book markers with dogs name and picture to hand out

     Ellaine a Therapy Dog mom makes hand puppets out of socks for kids that might be afraid of dogs

Think of fun things to do on your visits, if the facility allows costumes on your dog then dress them up, learn easy fun tricks.  Give someone a smile and a good memory of your visit.