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Because we are a non-profit organization with volunteer members there is no cost to receive canine assisted therapy from Dogs with a Purpose.


Dogs with a Purpose aims to be a center of excellence for canine assisted therapy.  It is our goal to provide dog therapy bonded teams that not only meet our high certification requirements but also demonstrate the right temperament and exhibit a strong bond between handler and dog.


In addition to this, we have one of the best insurance policies for therapy dogs organizations. All of our therapy dogs are insured and certified.


With respect to facilities and organizations we will: 


  • Work with your chosen representative(s) to define your specific needs and communicate these needs to our dog therapy teams;

  • Connect you with appropriately certified dog therapy teams.  Some therapy dog teams are more comfortable in certain settings. For example, dog therapy teams whose main focus is reading with children may not be comfortable going to a rehabilitation or hospital setting.  

  • We have additional certification requirements for dog therapy teams operating in certain settings e.g. to volunteer at a hospital, dogs have passed our "Gold Certification".

  • Continually train our dog therapy teams with ongoing workshops, seminars and communications; monitor compliance of our dog therapy teams with our rules and regulations, and maintain our high level of insurance to provide coverage for both our volunteer participants and all recipients of canine assisted therapy.



  • lowers blood pressure

  • improves cardiovascular health

  • releases calming endorphins (oxytocin)

  • lowers overall physical pain, and the act of petting produces an automatic relaxation response, which is believed to reduce the amount of medication needed by some people


  • lifts spirits and lessens depression

  • Lowers feelings of isolation and alienation

  • encourages communication

  • provides comfort

  • increases socialization

  • lessens boredom

  • reduces anxiety

  • aids children in overcome speech and emotional disorders

  • creates motivation for the client to recover faster, and reduces loneliness.

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