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  • A happy, friendly dog with a gentle spirit who loves all.

  • A pup who loves to learn and wants to please.

  • A dog that is not aggressive or reactive to other animals or people.

  • Your dog must be at least 1 year old. No dog is too old! Any breed, size, or gender is accepted and welcomed!

  • A dog that likes to be touched, handled, hugged, kissed and is not sensitive on ANY part of their body.

  • A dog and owner team that can work as a bonded team with confidence and trust. 

  • A dog that is not hypersensitive to sounds, smells, movements, or unfamiliar things (people with hats, canes, walkers etc.)

Not all dogs want or can become a certified therapy dog, make sure you know your dog's temperament. If you are unsure if becoming a therapy dog is right for your pup, we will be happy to evaluate your dog for you. 


  • Dogs With a Purpose provides a safe and nurturing environment for you and your dog(s). Our therapy dog teams help each other to get started on visits, share tips, encourage each other, and through it all, become friends and family. 

  • The facilities we serve will be happy you joined Dogs With A Purpose as they know and trust us to provide compassionate, experienced and insured therapy dogs. We are proud of our reputation as having some of the best trained, bonded therapy dog teams in the country. In response to the needs of the facilities we work with, we have organized a higher level of insurance than most other therapy dog organizations operating throughout the United States. 

  • Dogs With A Purpose was developed as an organization that focuses on being a center of excellence for canine assisted therapy. This means we will provide the programs and support you need to be successful and enjoy your volunteering. We even offer Q & A workshops, events, seminars, and even trick classes for you to attend. We feel that it is necessary to keep you up to date on important and new information that affects those working in canine assisted therapy.

Interested in Our Program or Want to Schedule an Evaluation?

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$35 Fee payable at evaluation

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