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Message from our Founder

     Dogs With A Purpose was born out of a desire to encourage others and create a community of dogs and their owners who would strive to make a positive impact.  "It is our passions that make us who we are, and pursuing them provides a purpose in life and the opportunity to connect with one another."  My passion has always centered upon forging authentic relationships with altruistic individuals, nurturing and learning alongside dogs, and striving to help the community.


     For the last decade I have worked with others who have this same drive, training them and their K-9 partners on how to form a therapy dog team.  Countless dogs with an innate natural desire to comfort and a sense of knowing have passed through the program, going on to attend to the emotional needs of those who need encouragement and reinforcement most.  


     The program bonds humans with their dogs in a unique way, as the pair pursue their passion to make a difference and make someones day better. Enabling others to enable the world. That is why I started Dogs With A Purpose.

 Jackie Kelly

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