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Therapy Dog Certification Testing

Date 9/28/24     Practice Test            8:00am        Cost $15
Date 10/19/24    Pretest                     8:00am        Cost $25
Date 10/26/24   Certification Test      8:00am        Cost $75

*Practice test is optional but highly recommended.  
*Both pre-test and final test are manditory.  *No make up exams
We can help you with the required CGC test

Dogs With A Purpose Registration Cost once you pass the certification test:

One time registration application $ 85 (includes t-shirt)
This is per person and one dog. 
2nd dog for same person is an additional $10.
If one dog is shared by multiple family members; each person must complete a registration application and $85 fee. 
Annual Membership renewal is $50 per person and one dog. 

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